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Trying to rank your escort or escort agency website to #1 in Google, but haven’t had any luck?

Guess what? It’s not your fault!

Google has once again changed its ranking pattern or “algorithm”. If your website is not compliant to these major pattern changes, you may just miss out and Google will rank your competition instead!

Keep in mind, no one really knows all the ranking algorithms of Google…that’s their dirty little secret. However, we do know that implementing some of the major key ranking aspects could possibly help catapult you to page 1! Not having them can land you on page 100 or worse.

Listed below are Googles most Vital Public Algorithm Elements.

These elements are crucial to any and every ranking campaign. Expect slower results without them.

1) Factual Content
Google is officially ranking websites with unique factual content higher than those that do not contain factual content. They’ve even hired a team of ranking specialists to check your website’s factual content!
2) Mobile Friendly
Websites that are NOT mobile friendly will NOT rank as strong opposed to their mobile compatible counterparts. This particular algorithm was named “Googlegeddon.”
3) Onsite SEO
One simple algorithmic cornerstone of Google that has never changed is its request for clean, onsite ranking coding and tags.
4) Traffic
Google is monitoring and looking for sites that are super popular and possibly viral with popularity! Not only does your website need to have the traffic, but your traffic needs to remain on your website for 15-60 seconds minimum.
5) Popularity or Offsite SEO
No more garbage link exchanges! Google officially wants you linking to mainstream, high-ranking popular websites by the hundreds; making you seem super popular to Google!
6) Social Media
Although not a major factor as it used to be after the Google+ failure, you still need to have an active Twitter and Facebook account. Having a couple of thousand followers won’t hurt any either!
7) Exact Match Domains (EMD)
For the fastest ranking possible of your website in Google organic results, ALWAYS choose a domain name which includes your exact location and business type; opposed to a domain name which requires branding. Branded domains can be ranked, but typically take longer to do so.
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